Bwitt was founded in 2015 specializes in manufacture all kinds Telecom Power products, We are focus on Rack mount Telecom inverter ,Modular Telecom Rectifier , Front access VRLA batteries, Serials High frequency Pure sine Wave inverter and so on ,Including design, research production and sales. Our company has a high technique of research team, which is mostly composing of senior engineers with , the workers working on the assemble line are qualified medium technique level, and all of them have received professional training.

With over 13 years OEM experience supporting customers in more than 60 countries, BWITT is focused on bringing reliable power solutions to customers across all Telecom applications and Industrial.

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24Vdc Rack mount Telecom inverter24Vdc Rack Mount Telecom Inverter

We Supply 24vdc Inverter For telecom use 24Vdc to 220V/110Vac 1KVa -3KVa

48Vdc Rack mount Telecom inverter48Vdc Rack Mount Telecom Inverter 

we supply 48Vdc Inverter for Telecom use 48Vdc to 220Vac/110Vac 1KVA -10KVA

110Vdc Industry HF Inverter

110Vdc HF Industry Inverter 

We Supply 110vdc for Telecom use 110Vdc to 220Vac /110Vac 1KVA-10kVA 

220Vdc HF Power Inverter

220Vdc  HF Power Inverter

We Supply 220vdc Inverter for Telecom 
220Vdc to 220Vac 1KVa -10KVa

24Vdc Modular  Telecom  Rectifier 24Vdc Modular  Telecom  Rectifier 

We Supply 24vdc Modular telecom rectifier system ,Out Capacity 1800W~30KW.

未标题-1.jpg48Vdc battery charger system 

48vdc telecom battery charger managment system  ,Floating and Equ charging Available

110Vdc hotswap Rectifier system 110Vdc hotswap Rectifier system 

We Supply 110vdc hotswap rectifier system support N+ Redunancy 2.5KW~40KW

220V dc Power supply

220Vdc Power supply

We Supply 220vdc SMPS ,Rs232& 
Rs485 Interface,10Amp~160Amp 

Front Terminal VRLA  Battery

Front Terminal VRLA  Battery 

AGM-acid Valve- Regulated-lead Acid battery 
Design for the Standard 19"/21" Cabinet

48Vdc Modular Lithium Battery 48Vdc Modular Lithium Battery 

48 LiFe PO battery with IntegratedBattery managment system  ,Rs232 or Rs485

MPPT Solar Charge ControllerMPPT Solar Charge Controller  

12/24/36/48V Voc 8-150V Heastink Colling for the Home using, Rs485 and BTS  Port

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Pure Sine Wave Inverter 

12/24//48/96Vdc,Compare with 
Loading ,Three type working model



We producing 12v dc solar system for home use, power for LED...

12v200ah Best Battery For Inverters

12v200ah Best Battery For

We are best battery for inverters manufacturer and exporter,...

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  •  Front access VRLA batteries has been specifically

  • designed for applications using 19" and 23" cabinets, especially telecoms .......

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